Tupac Type Beat

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Tupac Type Beat

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Tupac was one of the best hip hop artists in my book I can’t say he was the best rapper but for sure the best hip hop artist.  I can remember growing up in the mid 90’s bumping All eye’s on me in high school walking down the halls thinking I was the coolest dude.

tupac type beat

To live and die in la

Tupac was born in new york but kicked it mostly in Harlem. Pac, was smart and well spoken from the start as I continue to read about Pac, I could see that he was giving a chance and he took it. a lot of people would say he was giving a better chance but I see him taking a better opportunity. see I truly believe that everyone is put on the earth to serve a purpose and when we go against the true reason of existence Then we go in circles untile we find that path again. but everyone is shown that path at least once in their life

Pac, I made this beat In your memory and I hope if you are looking down please give the rapper that puts his or her 16 to this will bless it as you would.


producers grab the project files and see how I made the beat

The Project Files Include                                                                                                                                                 Drum Loop,2 Samples, Percussion Loops,2 Bass Loops,

Request Project Files By Email Only. @ 24hrmakingbeats@gmail.com and within 24 hrs I will send then to you. If you contact me I will not spam you but I will keep you up to date on the new project files I give away. a lot of my beat i  create loops and midi files and give them away to producers that are just like me alway on the hunt to collab with another producer and that what loops can be used for is just that.