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SINCE A YOUNGIN                                                                                                                                                                             MIXTAPE: HOSTED BY-DJ BIGG RICH

Breaking News Tulsa Oklahoma has Had a major Disturbance and people are going crazy The Midwest rapper explains in detail how he Sells, Distribute, right under the nose of the Music Scene and how he does It.

After Going on a 2-day Jaunt down Mr. Linkk Music Past I come to notice he is a style of architecture that Is Unique compared to other rappers.  Notable but humble And still will Get Down with the big dog’s in the game Mr. Linkk Is Still ascending And developing a retinue. I Instantly became a Fan When I first heard   IT’S GOING DOWN AIN’T NO LOVE THA MIXTAPE- PO’D UP COMING SOON.Check out a preview. 

Mr Linkk  

How Did you Get Started?


Lynell D. Chamberlain (aka) Mr. Linkk born February 24,1983 in Tulsa Oklahoma.
As a child music has always been a passion of mine growing up. Listening to Micheal Jackson and The Jackson 5, Prince and The Revolution. I saw Kris Kross in 1992 from then on rapping was a dream of mine. From recording off boomboxes too jumping on stage in 1994. That was the year myself and a group of friends performed is first talent show coming in 3rd place. Years after a friend told me, if you write your music you would get better. So in 1996 was the time I began writing. My inspiration came from 2 Pac, Spice 1, Master P and Eazy-E and more. In 1999 free-styling in the hallways of high school with friends. As the years pass by music started to become stressful. Not having the tools and the right people surroundings me to get my voice heard and my music out. Years pass, then the of the year 2008 came I bought my first recorder, from recording in the closet to a garage now my own homemade studio. I have invested in music videos, CDs with DJ BIGG RICH, called EYEZ ON THA PRIZE and SINCE A YOUNGIN along with two other mixtapes. Rapping about coming from the streets and selling drugs the stressful life of a young black male. Trying to make it with the disloyalty of people who’s close to you. With the versatile flows able to rap on the east coast, west coast and down south and r&b beats. From making beats to designing my own covers an underground artist with the passion and drive. It’s my time Mr. Linkk for my voice to be heard I’ve come a very very long way. With the right people and the support and help, I will be heard.

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