“Rapper Los Boi Tells Scared rappers to Grind or go home”

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“Rapper Los Boi Tells Scared rapper to Grind or go home”

If you scared  go to church rookie That’s the mindset of the Oklahoma native Los Boi when he hits the booth. “I have three questions”

  1. Would you pay a scared mechanic to work on The breaks on your car?
  2. Would you kiss a girl That is scared of kissing?
  3. Would you Get a  business partner that was scared of making money?

See my point?

Scared Rappers

In The music business you have to have thick skin and a crew and when you think about it in life period you have to have good hard working people around you to succeed but you can’t be weak or you will get ran over. so when you approach a T-Town artist you better come correct because they’re not scared rappers.

Two many times I have heard people say Tulsa rappers are too hard and need to soften their raps, I laugh every time I hear that because that’s an excuse and that’s the reason why you haven’t heard of a Tulsa rapper getting as big as drake, the world likes sensitive rappers. Taking nothing away from drake but he has a nice guy image and he is the biggest Name in rap today.

So ask yourself are you too scared to press play and check out Los Bois.

here is what the Talented rapper has to say about his self

Los Boi

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, Los Boi grew up around the violence in the street with gangs in projects and neighborhoods. Los Boi stayed in school although the lifestyle of the streets offered money and recognition. Upon graduating he focused on music and began his music career as an emcee. In 2015 Los Boi Signed with Mugen Music. Now I’m back on my own journey I have two singles out now It is what it is and 6 in the morning. Now working on mixtapes got 3 dropping soon Love Hunnit Booking or Features



Grind or go home rookie scared rappers

scared rappers


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