Lenny Williams “Lets Talk it over”

Apr 16, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Lenny Williams “Lets Talk it over”

Lenny Williams Let’s Talk it over

Lenny Williams lets talk it overI sampled a beat Lenny Williams Let’s talk it over. I first heard the song in 1995 and was blown away with the arrangement and instruments surrounding his voice it was truly the first time I ever heard a voice like his. At the time I could not sample the song because I had no such equipment to do so. Due to the recent 2000 plus album collection Handed down to me I came across the song digging through my albums and quickly turned the song digital and chopped it up in a matter of 1hr I had the beat done and was ready to mix and master. Check the beat out and tell me what you think if you like the beat download it for free.

Williams began his musical career making records that have become R&B and Pop classics which he recorded as the lead singer of Tower of Power).  Lenny Williams’ style has transcended into the new millennium, influencing many of today’s most popular R&B and Hip Hop artists.


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