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A Weezy 918 When I Was Young Feat Tic Toc @ Ball House Music

Jun 18, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on A Weezy 918 When I Was Young Feat Tic Toc @ Ball House Music

A Weezy 918 When I Was Young Feat Tic Toc @ Ball House Music

New Single Just dropped 2hrs ago central standard time. Aweezy Living that good life.


Weezy teamed up with the legend in the game Tic Toc. Oklahoma’s Finest to tell the story of young thinking will get you killedListen to the track as he tells you about his past and future where he’s been and how he is living now. Growing up in the midwest With options to sell dope and gang bang. anything else was not a concern. because survival was the focus.

Listen to the track as he tells you about his past and future where he’s been and how he is living now. Growing up in the midwest With options to sell dope and gang bang anything else was not a concern. because survival was the focus.

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Mafioso Family Midi Loop kit @ballhouse

Jun 17, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Mafioso Family Midi Loop kit @ballhouse

Mafioso Midi Loop Kit @ballhouse


Ball House Sound-Kits

Download Mafioso Family Track out files,with lease,

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  • Download a paid/free lease instrumental
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Young Lye (got me some Bands) Hot new Single

Jun 05, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Young Lye (got me some Bands) Hot new Single

Young Lye

young Lye

Young Lye ft Balla Rich Got Me Some Bands

Young Lye aka Porter Rich With a Hot Single Got some of the hottest tracks this year.after listening to this on repeat as I wrote this post I would stop and start grooving until I looked up and it was an hr went by and I had nothing wrote but two lines. so if your ready to get some bands then put this track on repeat

Today we bring his latest track “Got Some Bands” ft Balla Rich. If you Love Money then you will Love this track.


Check out his video Here


Young Lye Speaks

As a rapper and a Deejay, music beat through Young LYE veins, having been fed on a steady diet of Hip Hop, Dancehall, Pop and by his Jamaican father. His father, D. Clarke, a music producer who migrated from Jamaica in the late 80’s believes his son has immense talent……. ‘Since LYE was three, I saw his potential, he would sing along to DMX and Beenie Man and say that he wanted to be just like them. It was then that I decided to get back into producing and help him fulfill his dream of being an entertainer’ – D. Clarke…….. No stranger to the stage, since the age of eight, Young LYE has been a regular staple at Club Amazura queens n.y.c. , Lue’s nite club in bx. n.y, Sulivan Hall n.y.c, Madison Square Garden n.y.c., B B Kings in New York City , College Tour in N.Y.-U.S.A. , Mingles Night Club (Bronx), Chrissies Night Club (New York) and the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, with his last performance in May of 2007……. ‘I see music as a means by which I can lift myself and my family.


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Southern Artist “Tra G”

May 01, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Southern Artist “Tra G”

Southern Artist

 southern artist

Tra G, a southern artist

Southern Artist “Tra G” creative artist relating to or involving the imagination and original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. This sentence explains The southern artist  Tra G what stood out when I heard the southern rapper was his originality, he stood out with his Lofty presents and invigorating style. As I Chilled on a beautiful Sunday Day I sparked one up and took A ride with The Southern Artist Tra G and  The music Tha pour’ed out of my speakers was  Like a Breath of fresh air. It was original and yet familiar, and the metaphors used to describe his Self-took me on a completely Different bestride and when I came back to earth  I was of higher learning. If you’re ready to Trap, Grind, and Learn the game from someone in his own lane Making Major moves in the Oklahoma Hip hop Community you have to keep Tra G in your speakers.


Tra G Speaks


 southern artist

Tra G, a southern artist

Tra “G”
Tra G, a southern artist with a strong work ethic and an undeniable passion for music, has always been involved in music since a young age. He has described his music as therapy for his mind, allowing his views, thoughts, and visions flow to the world. Tra G has two mixtapes available on datpiff, entitled “Startin’ From Scratch Volume and “2 Focused 2 Lose”. Tra G has performed in several states such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Oklahoma. In September 2015 Tra G signed with Mugen Music & Management Inc. and released an album in Nov. 2015. Titled “From Tha Jump”. Tra G’s high energy and passion are evident and his unique style gets the crowd going. Tra G has recently shared the stage with legends including Scarface, Eff Yoo, Lil Easy and DJ Yella. Tra G is also CEO of Southern Circle Entertainment #6Hunned. He is currently working on his second release with Mugen Music. Tra G inspires to help as many as he can with his music and influence.



Where Is your Music                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Apr 24, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on MR.LINKK SINCE A YOUNGIN-MIXTAPE:HOSTED BY-DJ BIGG RICH


SINCE A YOUNGIN                                                                                                                                                                             MIXTAPE: HOSTED BY-DJ BIGG RICH

Breaking News Tulsa Oklahoma has Had a major Disturbance and people are going crazy The Midwest rapper explains in detail how he Sells, Distribute, right under the nose of the Music Scene and how he does It.

After Going on a 2-day Jaunt down Mr. Linkk Music Past I come to notice he is a style of architecture that Is Unique compared to other rappers.  Notable but humble And still will Get Down with the big dog’s in the game Mr. Linkk Is Still ascending And developing a retinue. I Instantly became a Fan When I first heard   IT’S GOING DOWN AIN’T NO LOVE THA MIXTAPE- PO’D UP COMING SOON.Check out a preview. 

Mr Linkk  

How Did you Get Started?


Lynell D. Chamberlain (aka) Mr. Linkk born February 24,1983 in Tulsa Oklahoma.
As a child music has always been a passion of mine growing up. Listening to Micheal Jackson and The Jackson 5, Prince and The Revolution. I saw Kris Kross in 1992 from then on rapping was a dream of mine. From recording off boomboxes too jumping on stage in 1994. That was the year myself and a group of friends performed is first talent show coming in 3rd place. Years after a friend told me, if you write your music you would get better. So in 1996 was the time I began writing. My inspiration came from 2 Pac, Spice 1, Master P and Eazy-E and more. In 1999 free-styling in the hallways of high school with friends. As the years pass by music started to become stressful. Not having the tools and the right people surroundings me to get my voice heard and my music out. Years pass, then the of the year 2008 came I bought my first recorder, from recording in the closet to a garage now my own homemade studio. I have invested in music videos, CDs with DJ BIGG RICH, called EYEZ ON THA PRIZE and SINCE A YOUNGIN along with two other mixtapes. Rapping about coming from the streets and selling drugs the stressful life of a young black male. Trying to make it with the disloyalty of people who’s close to you. With the versatile flows able to rap on the east coast, west coast and down south and r&b beats. From making beats to designing my own covers an underground artist with the passion and drive. It’s my time Mr. Linkk for my voice to be heard I’ve come a very very long way. With the right people and the support and help, I will be heard.

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“Rapper Los Boi Tells Scared rappers to Grind or go home”

Apr 16, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on “Rapper Los Boi Tells Scared rappers to Grind or go home”

“Rapper Los Boi Tells Scared rapper to Grind or go home”

If you scared  go to church rookie That’s the mindset of the Oklahoma native Los Boi when he hits the booth. “I have three questions”

  1. Would you pay a scared mechanic to work on The breaks on your car?
  2. Would you kiss a girl That is scared of kissing?
  3. Would you Get a  business partner that was scared of making money?

See my point?

Scared Rappers

In The music business you have to have thick skin and a crew and when you think about it in life period you have to have good hard working people around you to succeed but you can’t be weak or you will get ran over. so when you approach a T-Town artist you better come correct because they’re not scared rappers.

Two many times I have heard people say Tulsa rappers are too hard and need to soften their raps, I laugh every time I hear that because that’s an excuse and that’s the reason why you haven’t heard of a Tulsa rapper getting as big as drake, the world likes sensitive rappers. Taking nothing away from drake but he has a nice guy image and he is the biggest Name in rap today.

So ask yourself are you too scared to press play and check out Los Bois.

here is what the Talented rapper has to say about his self

Los Boi

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, Los Boi grew up around the violence in the street with gangs in projects and neighborhoods. Los Boi stayed in school although the lifestyle of the streets offered money and recognition. Upon graduating he focused on music and began his music career as an emcee. In 2015 Los Boi Signed with Mugen Music. Now I’m back on my own journey I have two singles out now It is what it is and 6 in the morning. Now working on mixtapes got 3 dropping soon Love Hunnit Booking or Features

Grind or go home rookie scared rappers

scared rappers


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Lenny Williams “Lets Talk it over”

Apr 16, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Lenny Williams “Lets Talk it over”

Lenny Williams Let’s Talk it over

Lenny Williams lets talk it overI sampled a beat Lenny Williams Let’s talk it over. I first heard the song in 1995 and was blown away with the arrangement and instruments surrounding his voice it was truly the first time I ever heard a voice like his. At the time I could not sample the song because I had no such equipment to do so. Due to the recent 2000 plus album collection Handed down to me I came across the song digging through my albums and quickly turned the song digital and chopped it up in a matter of 1hr I had the beat done and was ready to mix and master. Check the beat out and tell me what you think if you like the beat download it for free.

Williams began his musical career making records that have become R&B and Pop classics which he recorded as the lead singer of Tower of Power).  Lenny Williams’ style has transcended into the new millennium, influencing many of today’s most popular R&B and Hip Hop artists.


Original Song

Sampled Beat



War (All Day Music)

Apr 13, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on War (All Day Music)

War  ‘all day  music”

Old school instrumentals are the best to sample in my book I took some samples from the group War, Album titled “all day music” Chop it up and see what you can make out of it 













Bam Beezy

Apr 12, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Bam Beezy

They Do “Envy” Oklahoma Music artist  Bam Beezy “Bayb”

BamBeezy Bam Beezy BaybEnvy is an emotion which “occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desire it or wishes that the other lacked it
This will explain why Bam Beezy feels the way he does, no one is like the Oklahoma music artist, From the style to the timing on each well-delivered punch line he is proven conscientious when it comes to this music.

Making Moves and Networking is the key and Bam Beezy has the Aptness to become the voice of Oklahoma rap.. if you have not yet you have to check out One of Oklahoma’s finest.Follow him on facebook at facebook/Bam Beezy . in the mean time check out his new single “Envy”. iHeartRadio,YouTube,Spotify

Purchase Bam Beezy Bayb Single “Envy”  Buy Now

Ball House Spotlight: Scrooge Greedy

Apr 09, 2017 by jready - Comments Off on Ball House Spotlight: Scrooge Greedy

I started rapping when I was 9 but it wasn’t my main focus in life until I was 17 you know how it works I’m from the hood the streets got a hold of me and that’s that but a group called Lost Souls heard me spit and convinced me to rap and that’s basically when I started taking it seriously then I hooked up with the king of Oklahoma Isco say and it been on every since know I’m with my brothers from different mothers HawkReady@JMCBeats and BaK and we are on a mission to get it.

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